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Mama Bean Tea- Root Revival

Mama Bean Tea- Root Revival


Burdock, Dandelion, Marshmallow, Tumeric Root & Ginger Root.


This powerful combination is potent with some of the best quality organic roots available. Good for all systems of the body and overall detox/health booster. Can help to purify the blood, improve digestion, calm upset stomach, antiviral, antibacterial, reduce inflamation and sore muscles, liver support, promote better circulation, ease menstrual cramps, prevent or help soothe sore throat and shorten cold duration, relieve headaches, and a nutritional boost with key vitamins and minerals.


Bring water to boil and then simmer for a minimun of 10-15 minutes to make a strong decoction. You can add 1 heaping tablespoon to 12oz water for one single cup or I recommend adding 4 Tablespoons to 32oz water and make a strong batch to store in the fridge and drink over 2-3 days.


To make a strong infusion fill mason glass quart jar with 1 oz. root blend and bring water to boil, then pour directly into jar and cover with ball metal twist on lid. You will hear the jar naturally seal itself and leave on the counter overnight. In the morning strain and store in fridge and use within one week.


Any questions feel free to email and stay tuned for upcoming herbal medicine making classes both in person and online!

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