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About Mama Bean

All of the products in the Mama Bean Shop are either locally grown, wildly grown, or organically sourced with the highest quality.   

Mama Bean started from a seed in 2014 as an heirloom seed company called Mama Bean Seeds; supporting living happy, healthy, and naturally. Mama Bean was crafted by Catherine Bristol, a 6th generation farmer who has been finding ways to increase health and sustainability in her daily life for about 20 years. In 2016, Mama Bean Seeds became Mama Bean Wellness after Catherine graduated as a Master Herbalist, Clinical Nutritionist, and Holistic Health Practitioner. Catherine believes in a holistic way of life and loves to share her knowledge with others.

The mission of Mama Bean Wellness is to help others learn and grow with every day sustainable practices deepening our connection to our roots and the soil.



            How we treat ourselves, each other, planet earth; it’s all a part of the web of life.

About Us: Our Farm
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